Curlews on Lamb Island

Curlews on the shores…

Sunrise Today...


The bush curlew who live at Lamb island seem to defy some of the descriptions I am reading online when looking for information to add here.

They may feed at night but they wander around all day and are always happy to come and eat scraps of meat or bread if it is offered. In fact they get accustomed to being fed and stand out there screaming until I appear and either feed them, or acknowledge their presence and go back inside.


They may live in the bush but the curlews at my place live under the house, had had their eggs under the house, and have lived under the house for as long as the neighbors have lived here, which is a very long time. When the young hatch, they wander around with the parents until the next mating time, when the young bird gets in the way…

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