Every Picture Tells a Tale…The Silence of the Mangroves

The Silence of the Mangroves

Sunrise Today...


January 5, 2013 1:42 am / Leave a Comment / Edit


I have always been interested and fascinated by Mangroves since I started studying them as an Unit in a Horticultural Course I attempted at Geraldton TAFE many years ago. I gave up the course when I got bogged in all the Maths required to calculate things I did not understand, and kept the interest in plants that make adaptations for survival, namely Desert Plants and Mangroves.

Recently I went searching for more information because now I am living in the middle of a Mangrove National Park and  daily walking to the Point where I admire and photograph the mangroves there. These trees have to be over a 100 years old. They look old and are old and have been here since the water started to take over the land in the process called erosion. I have not been…

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